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Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth in the fall of 2022, Archer acted quickly to move his supplies from a mural he was midway through, to create a tribute to the late Queen. This mural was painted on the day of her passing, and the first tribute mural for the Queen in all of Canada.

The artist, himself born in England, found that within 24 hours, his Queen Elizabeth tribute mural was being celebrated worldwide on national news outlets. 

CTV News

“VICTORIA — Renowned Victoria artist Paul Archer has painted a massive mural of rocker Eddie Van Halen in memory of the musician, who died of cancer on Oct. 6 at the age of 65.

Archer says that Victorians are welcome to stop by his shop during business hours, located at 847 Fort St., to see the mural and take pictures with it.

He says he hopes the mural honours the rocker and reminds visitors of his work.”

Eddie Van Halen Mural CTV News

Monday Magazine

“Archer’s lifelike musical icons and other imagery are found in locations around town – mostly indoors.

“(Chyzowski) wanted something super colourful and to bring back the ‘60s and ‘70s, the good days of freedom and fun and everything,” Archer said. “It’s a good message to put out, something positive and colourful, especially in the times right now.”

The 3D-style cutout mural on painted plywood features musical stars of the past and generic smiling images.

“There’s a lot of hidden messages in it as well,” Archer said, comparing it to Where’s Waldo and Kilroy Wuz Here designs.”

Monday Mag Article on Archer Mural

Chek News

“Takaya, the beloved lone wolf, now has a permanent memorial on Discovery Island, the place he once called home.

Paul Archer, an airbrush muralist, wanted to honour Takaya’s memory and knew exactly how to do it. The Victoria-based artist decided to paint a mural of the lone wolf on a building on Discovery Island.

“That building just screamed wanting that, him lying on the rock,” he said. “The rock was perfect coming off the side of the building, I saw the fog horns, I saw the fog horns on the building, and it clicked right there. We got to do this, we got to do this.””