Mural Artist

The World Renowned Mural Artist

Archer, the renowned artist, born in England, has travelled worldwide creating art and spreading messages of hope and positivity – having painted over 17,000 murals to date.

Throughout his career, Archer has painted notable buildings across North America, brought him to the company of hundreds of renowned musicians, artists, and celebrities alike, allowed him to travel the world internationally with his art, and has received accolades and awards from news networks, and community recognition across the globe. 

Archer’s subject matter has labelled him the “People’s Choice” and earned him the Mural Artist of the Year award two years running.

These days, Archer travels with his beloved dog Lannah, and the two of them make their way throughout Canada and North America, leaving messages of hope, peace, and optimism wherever they go.

The Natural Born Artist

Archer displayed a passion in art as a young child, sitting in front of his television as a child watching cartoons, mimicking them through drawings as he sat and watched the characters come to life on the paper in front of him. Christmas (which also happens to be Archer’s birthday) wish lists to Santa requested nothing but art supplies. 

Throughout his school years, Archer was known for making those around him laugh and smile, and going against the grain, breaking the rules wherever possible. Though the people in his life told him the road of an artist would be tough, Archer would have it no other way. 

Archer was born with the entrepreneurial streak that has brought him success and recognition worldwide. Never wanting to work a regular job, Archer briefly operated a costume shop in Victoria fresh out of high school, which inspired his signature love of whimsical clothing.

His career immersed itself fully into art when he was in his 20s and living in Vancouver. During this time, Archer teamed up with fellow mural artist Dave Coupland, and the two of them began their company based in Vancouver, known as the MAD Artists. 

The MAD Artists were known for their large scale murals throughout Vancouver, spanning across years of commissions from celebrities, public figures, the city of Vancouver, and more.

Inevitably, the demand for the MAD Artists and Archer’s murals grew in the Vancouver community, and Archer hired on a team of helpers, who called themselves Guns N’ Hoses. 

Archer would land the team some impressive contracts and accolades over the next few years, including the Vancouver Expo ’86, Nike Canada, Molson Canadian, Labbatt Blue, Kokanee, the International Airport, and more. 

During the Guns N’ Hoses years Archer would bump elbows with some renowned people in the music industry, including a controversial piece he painted for David Lee Roth of the band Van Halen on a recording studio wall. His notoriety and fame began catching the eye of multiple celebrities in the years to come, bringing him friendships with Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie,  Sarah MacLachlan, and many others.

Archer’s work began to take him to international destinations. A client  invited him to the Cayman Islands to paint a 50s style diner, which launched his career in the Carribbean.

Archer spent three years flying back and forth between the Cayman Islands, finding that there were no other airbrush artists or muralists who could complete work like his. The demand for his work in the Cayman Islands grew, bringing Archer to live in the Carribbean for six years, bringing crew members down from Canada for projects.

During this time, Archer travelled between Bahamas, Antigua, Cozumel, Sint Maarten, and down to Central America painting for Hard Rock Cafe owners, and private clients.  After his time in the Caymans, Archer flew to England, where he was born, and spent a few years travelling Europe, painting.

The Nomadic Mural Artist

Following his return to Canada, Archer dedicated his career to art, and his personal time to creating beauty and inspiring hope through large scale murals, and public works of art. He returned to Victoria where he continued to paint ruthlessly. 

In 2018 Archer acquired his downtown Victoria retail storefront and workspace located on Fort Street. Not one to sit still, Archer was inspired to begin the life of a travelling artist shortly after opening his gallery Archer Airbrushing. He began to travel throughout Canada with his dog Lannah, and stopped in major cities to create stunning works of art. Since the successful launch of his art gallery and studio, Archer has travelled throughout Canada and the United States, spending time in both Hollywood and New York in recent years. His work is known to draw in crowds from all over the country wherever he makes his mark. 

Archer’s signature style is his large scale murals, which have gained him international notoriety. His art and his creativity know no limitation, and Archer prefers the challenge of a large scale mural building. These days, Archer can be found either spending time in his Victoria studio creating, or on the road, stopping where inspiration hits, to pause and reflect, and to leave his mark. The life of an artist may not always be easy, but Archer’s passion for his works, infused with a lifetime of skill, have allowed him to create his own world – one filled with a peaceful laughter, with travel, with loved ones, full of inspiration, shared hope, and a world that’s full of color.